Wednesday, December 9, 2020

High-Limit Individual Disability Insurance

High-Limit Individual Disability Insurance

With aggregate #limits of $50M and above, IDU provides unique High-Limit #Disability plans for clients who cannot secure coverage through the domestic market.

Choose IDU today and let us show you how we think of #DI risk #differently.

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Friday, July 24, 2020

Change the Game with IDU's Sport Protection!

Coverage for Champions

Change the Game with IDU's Sport Protection!

Athletes, just like the sports they play, vary widely by performance, earning potential, and risk factors.  

At IDU, Inc. we understand the complexity and uniqueness of athlete’s insurance needs in both the professional, collegiate, and amateur levels.  For these diverse needs, we offer a suite of different insurance products securing risks such as: contract indemnification, income protection, loan & sponsorship agreements, and much more!   

Types of Coverage:
·     Draft Protection
·     Temporary Disability
·     Permanent Disability
·     Contract Guarantee
·     Future Contract Valued
·     Death, Disgrace & Disability
Target Markets:
·     Top Round Draft Picks
·     Coaches, Managers & Referees
·     Basketball, Baseball, Football
·     Hockey, Golf & Tennis
·     Miscellaneous, Extreme & Amateur Sports

By leveraging IDU’s dedicated and knowledgeable sports unit, our Brokers and Agents are able to offer comprehensive, superior solutions to all their client’s in this niche market space. 

The inherent nature of this industry requires these individuals to constantly be at the top of their game, and often with large sums on the line, making the risk of loss due to a death or disability that much more significant.

Give these important client opportunities the white-glove handling they deserve by utilizing IDU, Inc.’s consultative sports expertise!

Real Life Solutions

High-Limit Personal Income
 A championship Pro-Golfer is gearing up for a season comprised of several national tournaments to include the PGA. To protect their projected prize earnings the player purchases a high-limit disability policy from IDU which pays out a weekly benefit in case a Temporary Disability prevents them from participating in events; the policy also includes a $20,000,000 lump sum benefit should this player suffer a catastrophic permanent disability causing them to never be able to professionally compete again.

Loan Protection: Death, Disgrace & Disability
A Professional Football Player seeking income continuation will be taking out an off-season loan, however before the agreement can be finalized the lending agency requires insurance benefits to indemnify them should the player lose their team contract, eliminating their income and ability to pay back the loan obligation. The Player’s financial team helps him secure a Death, Disgrace & Disability Policy through IDU that will be owned and paid for by the player with the bank as named beneficiary.

IDU, Inc.
Springfield, Miami, London

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Entertainment Insurance

IDU's Walk of Fame Protection

Even Entertainers Need Income Protection in a Pandemic...

Although we see our favorite stars and A-list celebrities as untouchable, a drastic loss of income for these clients can feel confining and traumatic compared to their luxury lifestyle. Income protection insures people’s paychecks against a disability, this protection also pertains to actors, musicians, models, broadcasters, producers, directors, and others in the entertainment industry from lost income due to an inability to perform. 

International Disability Underwriters provides a variety of coverage options to help protect entertainers and entertainment companies from such losses, including losses caused by cancelled events, lost endorsement deals and many more potential scenarios.

Entertainers, studios, and performance companies can purchase similar coverage that professional sports teams and athletes use to protect themselves in the event a sports star is incapacitated due to accident, injury, or illness.

Roll Out the Red Carpet & Insure Your Clients Talent Today

Types of Coverage:
·     Income Protection
·     Key Person Disability
·     Contract Guarantee
·     Contractual Protection Insurance
·     Death, Disgrace & Disability
·     High Limit Accidental Death
·     Event Cancellation
Target Markets:
·     Actors / Performers
·     Authors / Writers / Journalists
·     Directors / Producers
·     Music Industry Professionals
·     Film & Theater Industry
·     Agents & Business Managers
·     Event Promotors
·     Venue Operators

Real Life Solutions

Personal Disability Income Protection:
A new, popular Musician receives a contract to appear on a reality talent show which will bring in a seven-figure payday. In order to protect this contractual income as well as their historical earnings from performances and records, the Musician purchases a personal disability income protection policy with a monthly benefit of $50,000 paid out over 36 months, followed by a lump sum of $1,200,000. This policy, with a total aggregate of $3M, will protect the client in both the case of a temporary as well as a permanent, catastrophic disability.

IDU, Inc.
Springfield, Miami, London

High-Limit Individual Disability Insurance

High-Limit Individual Disability Insurance With aggregate   #limits   of $50M and above, IDU provides unique High-Limit   #Disability   plan...